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PunkRockRadio home page

PunkRockRadio is an online radio known as a reference. They have been on the air since 2006, they have at least 8 shows on air, stream 24/7. They go to concerts to get pictures and interviews for their "listeners", they do album pre-release reviews... They are bloody active and needed a proper website to show off!
They have different access level so hosts/photographers/reviewers can publish their work, so users who made a donation have an ad free website, so registered users can access all the podcasts, either from shows or interviews. Each show has a page to describe what they are up to, inform their fans when the show is on air, a full display of each show's Facebook pages and off course a ready to listen list of each show's podcast.

  • Music submission
  • Photo galleries
  • Pop-up stream player
  • Podcast player
  • Youtube player
  • Forum
  • Public chat room
  • Tags to link related content together
  • 100% content protection
  • Access level for each user type
  • Donation page
  • Mobile friendly
  • Adsense - advertisment
  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • & more!