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Website development

Websites may be Personal or for your Business either way, they are many options tailored to your budget to get you what you need: 

  • Basic Content Management System (CMS) where I will be using standard templates.
  • More personalized website built based on a more powerful CMS with specialized design & features.
  • Complete tailor made unique website designed & created especially for you.

A CMS will allow you to update your website on your own on the longrun. You will not need to have any technical skills to add, modify or delete any of the current content.


Here's a short list of Features, we could add to your website:

  • Contact form with attachement.
  • Media gallery.
  • Forum or Chat room.
  • Different access levels for different user types.
  • Advertisment.
  • Social networks integration.


All packages include:

  • Mobile friendly website.
  • 2 year domain name registration.
  • At least 5 email accounts.
  • Nothing less than 150MB for your website & your emails.


If you want to be able to work on your own once I have finalized your wesbite. I will spend 2 hours explaining you how it all works & provide you with a full writen documentation.

And after that? I won't be too far away if you need me!